CSTE Certification Training Course Content:



Completing the Self Assessment, Developing a Personal Action Program.Prior to First Meeting – Take the 30 question sample test which will be reviewed with the class as a group .

Session 1

Skill Category 1: Software Testing Principles and ConceptsSoftware Testing Principles and ConceptsThis Session’s topics will focus on the Certification and Examination process, and we will discuss the tester’s vocabulary. A clarification of terms like QA and QC and an explanation of the Cost of Quality will also be included. Sample test questions will also be discussed.

Session 2

Skill Category 1: Software Testing Principles and Concepts
This Session’s discussions will include the software development life cycle, common tools and techniques for testing, and reviews. The basic test stages will be discussed along with special types of tests and the various roles and responsibilities of the software tester.

Session 3

Skill Category 2: Managing the Test Environment
Topics this Session will focus on building the testing environment, test process improvement and test tools.

Session 4

Skill Category 3: Building the Test Project
Communications, managing test projects, and software configuration management will be addressed in this sessions.

Session 5

Skill Category 4: Software Test Planning
Topics this Session will focus on the risk to software testing, test plan implementation, test plan documentation, test strategy, test plan features and what must be considered when planning for test.

Session 6

Skill Category 5: Executing the Test Plan
Topics this Session will focus on executing the test plan. A breakdown will be provided on each phase of the testing. Clarification will be giving on what a test case is vs. test scripts.

Session 7

Skill Category 6: Test Reporting Process
Topics this Session will focus on measurement and how it affects our test effort. Defect management will be introduced as a preventive step.

Session 8

Skill Category 7: Acceptance Testing
Topics this Session will focus on roles and responsibilities of UAT and the four components of UAT.

Session 9

Skill Category 8: Software Developed by Outside Contractors
This Session we will discuss the challenges presented when testing software developed by outside contractors and ways to maximize the efficiency of the testing contracted software.

Session 10

Skill Category 9: Internal Control and Security
Internal Controls and Security Procedures used within our testing efforts will also be covered.

Session 11

Skill Category 10: Testing New Technologies
Topics this Session will focus on testing of new technologies and the effort required for this will be addressed.

Session 12

Final Review
Review of the Certification and Examination process and test taking tips.


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