Selenium Training Course Content:


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Day 1: 


Why WebDriver?

  • Downloading WebDriver Jars
  • Downlaod and configuring JDK and eclipse
  • Understanding the architecture of selenium webdriver
  • Downloading the driver exe for  IE and chrome
  • Understanding DesiredCapabilities Class
  • Proxy settings with webdriver/Working with proxy Servers
  • How to Close and Quit WebDriver?


Exercise : First Selenium Automation Test


Day 2:


Firefox :

  • Download and install Fire Bug
  • Understanding the firefox profile
  • Calling FirefoxDriver, Launching Firefox using selenium
  • Identifying the tags and attributes of Html using firebug
  • Getting Various locators using firebug


Internet Explorer :

  • Understand IE Dev Tool Bar 
  • Inspecting elements in IE
  • Calling IE Driver, Launching IE using selenium



  • Inspecting elements in chrome
  • Calling chrome Driver, Launching chrome using selenium


Exercise: Working with different browsers without changing code


Day 3: 


WebElement Class :

  • Identifying WebElements using id, name, class 
  • Identifying WebElements using Xpath and CSS
  • Absolute and complete Xpaths
  • Creating customized Xpaths and Css Selectors
  • Understading the sequence of the locators to use


 Web Driver Wait Class : 

  • Implicit and Explicit waits
  • PageLoadTimeout Property
  • WebDriverWait Class
  • WebDriver.Timeout Interface
  • ExpectedCondition interface and ExpectedConditions class
  • WaitUntil Condition
  • Fluent Wait

Exercise: Selenium Automation - Gmail Login Page


Day 4:


Select Class :

  • Select Class in Selenium API
  • Handling drop down list
  • Managing radio buttons and Checkboxes

Assert Class :

  • Assert class to Perform Validation

Taking Screen Shots :

  • Taking Screenshots of the web pages


Exercise: Selenium Automation - Facebook Registration Page



Day 5 :


Working with Multiple objects

  • Extracting More than one object from a page
  • Extracting all links of a page/Bulk extraction of objects
  • Extracting Objects from a specific area of a web page


Handling windows using Selenium:

  • Window Handles
  • Managing tabbed windows in IE, Chrome and Mozilla
  • Managing popups in IE, Chrome and Mozilla
  • Closing windows
  • Default Popups


Handling Https Sites:

  • Testing https websites / Managing certificate errors in https websites in IE, Chrome and Mozilla


Exercise: Selenium Automation for website - Dice Search Page



Day 6 :


​Handling Dynamic Objects:

  •  Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page
  •  Managing Input fields, Buttons and creating custom xpaths
  •  Managing/Identifying Links with xpaths/css selectors


​Handling Table Objects:

  • Understanding the Table , Html Tags TR and TD
  • Selecting a particular object in an table with in a cell
  • Retrieving the text with in specific cell


Handling Ajax Pages :

  • Managing Ajax based components
  • Understanding Driver Switch

Exercise: Selenium Automation for website - Create google account



Day 7:


​Create Data driven Framework:

  • Create Data Driven framework using Excel.

Exercise: To create a simple Harness tool that can run multiple test cases



Day 8:


​Understanding Page Object model and Test Driven development using selenium:

  • Page object model with Java Classes 
  • Creating a Data Generator
  • Creating a framework with Page object model


For Java Basics course content - Refer Here

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